God’s righteousness

Oldtruth has some interesting postings on Hell, from a series by R.C. Sproul. This brief clip is a hard teaching. It addresses the question: How I can be happy in heaven if someone dear to me is in Hell? Sproul answers:

Even though we have some affection for Christ and some appreciation for God, our basic affections are rooted in this world, on this earthly plane. We care more about the well-being of our friends and neighbors and family in this world than we care about the vindication of the righteousness of God.

I have asked myself: Why does the eternal God spends so much time going through specific details about the temple in Exodus? Details remain mysterious, but the lack of knowledge, the deficiency, is mine. Similarly, we as fallen creatures are morally deficient, not God, and this seems to me of primary importance when approaching the topic of Hell. It’s a measure of our fallenness that we so often stand above God, in judgment of Him, as if our ways are higher than His ways. Without Christ, who can stand before God in the judgment with such a blasphemous indictment on his record?

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