The ESV Listener’s Bible

Some of us need a break from reading all the time. I may be the last person of my generation to own an Ipod, but I bought one along with the ESV Listener’s Bible in MP3 format so I can hear the word. Though not initially a fan of Max McLean’s style, I’m used to it now, and forty bucks for the entire Bible on audio is a pret-ty good deal. The whole thing fits in a little under 3 gig of space.

The publisher recommends setting up a “Bible” playlist entry in Itunes and moving all the files there. I thought it’d be a bit annoying to have to spin through 1000+ chapters to find something in the New Testament, but it’s not bad. If you want a shortcut, in Itunes you can select every chapter in the Bible and rename the artist tag from “Max McLean” to “+The Listener’s Bible.” The + symbol will put the entry at the top of the alphabetically organized Artist list. Then, rename every “Album” tag to the name of the Book (e.g. “songs” Genesis01 – Genesis50 would all have an Album name of “Genesis”). Since you can select an entire book and change it all at once in ITunes, it only takes 66 actions. Once all this is done, you can now do this: Artist -> +Listener’s Bible -> Book Name -> Chapter. Ah, just as it should be. Except for one catch: the Ipod forces the album (book name) sort order to be alphabetical. So 1Chronicles and 1Thessalonians show up before Genesis, for example. Has anyone found a workaround?

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