A brief letter to Tim Hardaway

Note: Lately a few former professional ballplayers have “come out” to the cheers of the sports media. One of the last bastions of maleness — the sports world — is under assault. And now former NBA player Tim Hardaway has declared that he doesn’t really like “gay people.” He wouldn’t want to be on the same team where he’d end up showering with a homosexual. Homosexuality shouldn’t exist, he says.

Dear Tim:

You’ve stepped in it now, buddy. ESPN is already giving this big play. We both know where things are headed. You know, in a poor way, Tim, you struck a chord for the natural, the normal. If you react to the predictable firestorm in the predictable way, you’ll squirm and prostrate yourself before Baal, claiming that you have seen the darkness and it is good. But really, why bother, Tim? You’ll always have that stain. You were a “homophobe” once, and that’s that. You aren’t important to the grievance police anyway. You’re just bound to be a skeleton hanging in rusty chains on a wall to warn other passers-by. As the Old Testament furnishes lessons for the redeemed, so you are just another story in the Spirit of the Age lesson book for the culture. The moral of your little incident, as with all the incidents in this ongoing book, is this: Criticism of sodomy as filthy or wicked is bigotry and hatred. Bend the knee, culture. Bend the knee, church.

Oh, one more thing, Tim: You may not care, but there will be many bleeding heart posts written by evangelicals — those who should be proclaiming against sodomy precisely because the church is under assault to give it a pass — who will instead focus on your lack of tact and how we just need to love homosexuals and stop calling them to repentance, as if the Gospel can be presented without the Law. That’s where the really important battle is, but it’s probably the least of your concerns right now.

Jack’s Pipe

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