Rev. McCain’s Greatest Hits

Lutheran Rev. Paul McCain, who I quite enjoy reading on most topics and who I respect for taking on that which he considers error, has written an absurd article on Calvinism. Take your meds before reading it, my friends. The greatest hits are all there: Calvinists care more about God’s sovereignty than the Cross, “dreary” double predestination (including a misunderstanding of the term), Calvinists are responsible somehow for New England, Calvinists can never have assurance, Calvinists deny the real presence, etc.

You don’t really need the atoning sacrifice of Christ in this system. You see the Sovereign God simply is Sovereign. That settles it. I’m not really sure what point there was for Him to send His Son anyway [my emphasis], but I guess that too is just to be chalked up to the Sovereign God.

I can see aiming this at liberals, but Calvinists? Oy. (By the way, it is a very good question to raise to people when explaining the cross. Why did God need to send his Son? If “God is love,” why didn’t He just say “all is forgiven” and be done with it? Romans 3:25 tells you why.)

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