The narrow gate of corporate Diversity

Anyone who works in corporate America is aware of diversity programs. They ban discrimination on the basis of gender, creed, religion, and of course, “sexual orientation.”

Should we harass homosexuals? Of course not. But companies that sound the Diversity bell always — always, in my experience — end up moving eventually from toleration to affirmation. Today’s progressive policy change leads to tomorrow’s sponsorship of agenda-driven speakers and events.

Furthermore, “Diversity” turns out to to be, like an Orwellian ministry, the opposite of what it claims. The stuff about creed and religion remains in these policies as a historical artifict. There’s respect only for a toothless creed and religion, not the kind that would actually draw persecution. Religion is swell as a private matter — a “lift in your shoe” as the quite unfunny comedian George Carlin used to call it — but proclaim a creed that homosexual behavior is sin against a holy God and you’ll be about as welcome at a diversity event as a styrofoam cup.

The road is wide that leads to destruction, but corporate Diversity is a narrow gate and a veiled threat. Any premise is fine as long as you reach the approved conclusions.

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