Is that really all there is?

Today is a sad day. Today I learned that Big Chuck is calling it quits.
Older Clevelanders remember Ghoulardi; I remember the Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show. In the 1970s, every Friday night after the late news came two goofy hosts showing a movie interspersed with classic “Certain Ethnic” skits and an unforgettable laugh track. The movies were great: Universal monster films one week, or perhaps Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chan, or a bad (in a good way) sci-fi flick. The end of the show was a freewheeling pile of (clean!) jokes and goofy sounds, with Peggy Lee crooning it to a close. The old clips are still funny.

This was appointment TV for an adolescent. It was cheap and unendingly clever. It was a blast. After Bob Wells left to enter Christian broadcasting, it was never quite the same, although “Little John” Rinaldi was a worthy and longtime replacement.

The Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show is my fondest TV memory. It was and always will be my favorite show, and Big Chuck will always be my favorite TV personality.

Godspeed, big guy!

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