The ELCA’s rot continues

The US’s largest Lutheran denomination, the ELCA, continues down the path trod by the Episcopal Church USA and the United Church of Christ. It’s hard to tell who is ahead in the race to join these hapless forerunners at the bottom: the PCUSA, the UMC, the ELCA. All continue their long slide into oblivion. Their race for relevance (i.e. worldliness) has rendered them irrelevant. All of these churches long ago capitulated on feminism, and after you deny Scriptural truth so blatantly, why not ordain homosexuals? The “Lutheran” homosexual quoted in the article has it right on one count: the failure to discipline is “huge.” No sanctions means, in time, no church.

These mainline churches regularly lament their declining numbers. Of course, the problem is what the Catholic columnist, Bob Novak, noted of his time as a Unitarian: after attending church for a few years, he and his wife decided they might as well just stay home in bed. I mean really, why bother? You can do what’s right in your own eyes without messing with a church.

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