Feminism’s enablers

Law and Grace are not opponents; they are teammates working together for the salvation of God’s people. The law leads to grace, which is only to be found in Christ. This is what Paul demonstrated as he answered the question: “Why then the law?” (Gal. 3:19) -Philip Graham Ryken

What a great quote from Ryken’s Reformed Expository Commentary on Galatians. It is not my favorite commentary, but contains many worthy things. Alas, my enjoyment was tempered by Mr. Ryken’s irritating treatment of Galatians 3:28 (a favorite verse for feminists although it has nothing whatsoever to add to the egalitarian case). It’s not that Pastor Ryken is an egalitarian, but he sure spends a lot of time looking over his shoulder. Sure enough, a search reveals that the Bayly’s already covered similar ground with him: “…five apologies, four qualifications, three reservations, two reproaches of those who venture further and one whimpered admission.”

Do “weak complementarians” see the train wreck coming in the PCA? The conductor surely isn’t a cad in a wife-beater.

For every Fosdick, there is an Erdman.

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