Christian Vocation

My sister called awhile back and said hey, my daughter and I have been talking. “About what?” “About how we’d like you to support us.” And I replied, “Well, I’ve been sitting around trying to figure out how to get paid without doing anything.”

All right, that was not edifying. But it goes to show you that some people hate their jobs, most tolerate them to some extent, but not many love what they’re doing. Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend, as the song goes. That’s reality for most people. I’ve asked many fellow workers if they’d do their job if they won the lottery (yes, the lottery is a tax on the stupid, but work with me here, people) and the answer is nearly always a quick laugh and a “no.” It’s not necessarily that people don’t want to work. They’re the same folks who spend all night working on things that make them no money. They just don’t want to do whatever they’re being paid to do.

Do you love Friday night and dread Sunday night? Check. Been looking forward to that one-week vacation for the last two months? Check. Do you sometimes dread going to work? Check. Do you sit around and think, how am I going to do this job 10 years from now? Check. On Tuesday night, are you thinking, well, tomorrow is hump day, only three more days until the weekend? Check. Do you think your job lacks meaning? Check. If you’re a Christian, do you think man, I’m not in the game– The pastor and the missionary is out making things happen, and I’m over here on the sidelines tripping over the water cooler? Uhh… Check.

If you answered yes to a lot of those, go listen to this White Horse Inn broadcast. It may be like an electrical shock.

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