Anyone know about free audio conferencing?

Comments are open: Has anyone had experience with free audio conferencing services like Powwownow? There are others like this, this, and this.

We tried a test on Powwownow and it worked fine and was as easy to use as the instructions said: call the number and put in a PIN. No memberships, no fees. All participants pay is the long-distance charge, which is basically free for those on cell phone plans or those of us who get unlimited (free) long distance via cable phone service. We’ll check our phone bills in a few days to make sure there’s no funny business. The area code is from Iowa, so it’s not a “toll” code.

It seems too good to be true, but if it’s “for real” there are endless possibilities since these services allow you to talk to 50+ people at once. You could talk to your entire family at one time, you could have a weekly prayer meeting with long-distance friends, etc.

Those of you with blogs of your own who are sufficiently intrigued by this may want to ask your readers if they have experience with these services. I couldn’t find much online in the way of independent reviews of them.

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