A new home and some glitches

This blog was once hosted by IPower. My 2+ year experience with them matched these reviews. There were the day-long periods of downtime that were not fixed until I called, downtimes that belied the touted 24/7 monitoring. There were the endless and often fruitless waits for customer service. There was the site upgrade they did last year that knocked email out for a week. The final straw was experiencing long site load times that went on for days and days without explanation. I don’t know if they ever straightened that one out, because a few weeks ago it was time to say “adios, IPower.”

Jack’s Pipe is now hosted by Hostmonster. So far, so good with them. They had a 2h outage the other day, but I could see via their tools that they knew there was an outage. It’s been the only outage I’ve noticed. The site has been loading quickly and without incident. Hostmonster, unlike providers like Lunarpages and Hostgator that profit off men’s lusts, doesn’t host porn sites.

The migration to Hostmonster was easy, but I recently noticed that some older posts had goofy characters in them that were apparently introduced by the database move. These garbage characters were mostly showing up instead of apostrophes and quotes. So… I reviewed and corrected every post where I noticed errors. Feel free to drop me a line if you see others. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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