Yes, we can… or something

Tonight, watching a ballgame four days before the Ohio primary, we saw, conservatively, 500 Obama ads.

Barack Obama’s words are as uplifting as cardboard and not nearly as useful. Behind the platitudes lurks doctrinaire liberalism, but who really cares nowadays? To quote Frank Morgan, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Good satire is corrective. The Dilbert mission statement generator is great satire. Unclear words are tacked together into a deep-sounding, meaningless whole. Just like your average corporate mission statement. Perhaps someone will come up with an Uplifting Barack Obama Speech Generator. It would spit out quotes like: “Let us hope in the faith that speaks to the dreams that all Americans, from all walks of life, can believe in.” Put an emphasis on “all.” For this, friends, is the audacity of hope.

Obama’s incoherent use of clear Biblical terminology isn’t accidental. When you deny the real thing, the wispy counterfeits march in.

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