What’s a good Christian response to solicitations?

Comments are open. Question: Whether it’s over the phone or that person ringing your bell, how do you respond to cold calls? Most of the web discussion on this topic is one-way (helping the hawker), so I’m looking for advice on behalf of the prospect/victim. I hate to be rude to an eternal soul, but as small business owners can tell you, unsolicited calls and drop-bys can be disruptive. Salesmen can usually parry better than you; they’re practiced at dealing with objections. They know how to keep the ball rolling. They rely on those who don’t want to be impolite to extend conversations, wasting one’s time and energy. Many seem to play on guilt, showing an entitlement mentality when their prey doesn’t want to engage them (much like a street bum who cusses you for not giving him change).

Because of all this, my current response to phone solicitors is to immediately say, as politely as possible, “I’m not interested, but thank you”… click. I frankly have never come up with a satisfactory way of dealing with drop-bys. Have you?

Salesmen who practice hard-sell techniques will tell you that they it this because it works, and in the end they build businesses and help people. I wonder though about the vast number of people that they irritate and whose work they disrupt to get to that point.

Enlighten me, readers!

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