The stars and hope

The economy is tanking, and I believe we’ve seen but the tip of the iceberg. Wickedness seems ascendant in our land. However, you can go out on any clear night and look up. And you really need to get outside and do just that sometime this winter. Few sights beat a clear, starry December sky. If there’s snow on the ground and you can see your breath, well, that’s better yet.

Jupiter and Venus are lighting up the southwest.

Look south and you’ll see Orion and his brilliant belt, with Sirius the dog star following behind. I’ve always thought Orion’s belt looked more like a the head of a crowned king, with the murky M42 area the hair at the base of the king’s neck. We have a south-facing home, and so every night when I head to bed I look for the belt. It is a glorious thing that never gets old. It reminds me that evil men come and go, but the stars, those incandescent lights of unimaginable size, remain, silently looking down. It’s a reminder that Christ remains and His purposes cannot be thwarted.

For those of you blessed enough to live in a rural area, look to the western sky and you’ll see the Northern Cross (also known as Cygnus the swan) standing upright. What a perfect Christmas-time sight.

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