Broken promises

Faith is the opinion that some person will do something for you. If that person will really do that thing for you, then the faith is true. If he will not do it, then the faith is false. -J Greshem Machen, Christianity and Liberalism

A recent piece by Gary North got me to thinking: When federal politicians sit at home after a long day’s work, do they ever reflect and ask themselves how the country will pay for their spending? My wife thinks not. She thinks they’re content to kick the can down the road (when it will be someone else’s problem).

It’s been estimated that we have almost 100 trillion in Social Security and Medicare liabilities. Maybe, like Mr. Micawber, politicians are hopeful that something will turn up. I doubt 100 trillion will turn up, though, and Congress would find a way to spend it if it did.

North makes the germane point: there is no way the “commitments” to provide all these goodies can be met. These commitments are nothing but broken promises. They’ll either default on them altogether or dilute them to the point where those expecting the equivalent of steak or even hamburger will be fortunate to get roadkill.

You used to hear people falsely say: “Who cares about the national debt, we just owe ourselves.” The truth was that the government owed some people, namely American bondholders. Now, however, foreigners are the creditors. We’ll just keep running the printing presses until these foreigners tire of providing us with products in exchange for freshly-printed green paper. Then the problems will really start.

We not only have enough unpayable liabilities as it is, but the world’s ramshackle savior, Barack Obama, wants to spend even more. More broken promises to come. The solution is to eliminate the messianic nanny state and return to the limited government suited to man’s finite capabilities.

Do politicians ever question the morality of borrowing money they have no plan and no ability to repay? North closes with Psalm 37:21, an apt Scripture:

The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.

There’s quite a difference between the promise-breakers in Washington and and the covenant God!

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