One positive about Madoff’s downfall

I’ve yet to hear anyone (other than libertarians) mention the absurdity of Congressmen, who preside over the largest Ponzi schemes in world history, acting irate about Bernie Madoff. Bernard Madoff Investment Securities is a piker compared to the U.S. Government. In fact, Mr. Madoff’s adeptness at swindling is probably just what the Social Security Administration could use to improve its own shell game.

Anyway, here’s one positive side effect of the whole Madoff situation. According to Illinois Right to Life, foundations investing through Madoff gave Planned Parenthood $734,000 in 2007. Now Child Murder, Inc. will have to deal with a cut in their blood money.

Who knows, maybe we’ll also see financial institutions who’ve long supported Planned Parenthood go belly-up, too. I’ve been wondering how long Chase and Bank of America have left on this mortal coil. Most banks are already bankrupt thanks to fractional reserve banking, but these two also appear to have lethal deriviative issues. But that’s a topic for the economists.

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