The next exit down the highway?

I don’t wish to gross anyone out here, but I post this article to note how perversions tend to cascade and to note how their proponents tend to seek acceptance through similar political movements using euphemisms and the language of the victim.

Being a “zoophile” [what a euphemism!] in modern American society, Beck says, is “like being gay in the 1950s. You feel like you have to hide, that if you say it out loud, people will look at you like a freak.” Now Beck believes he and other members of this minority sexual orientation, who often call themselves “zoos,” can follow the same path as the gay rights movement.

Our first instinct might be to laugh at the prospects of gaining cultural acceptance of something as degraded as bestiality, but given the success of the sodomy lobby over the last 40-50 years… Why?

Homosexuality is the next exit down the highway of perversion from feminism. Is bestiality the next exit down the highway from sodomy?

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