Influence people now for the post-tsunami world

Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, “See, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.” -Harry Browne

There was a town hall event a few weeks ago where it transpired that one of the people who was there calling for (if I remember correctly) the abolition of Medicare had to be treated by Medicare for an injury. Haha, what a hypocrite!

Really? The government takes over half of our incomes, perhaps 3/4 of it once you trace the taxes everywhere. The government creates the inflation that slowly robs people of their savings and taxes false gains (e.g. If you buy a stock for $50/share and sell it 10 years later for $75/share, you have to pay capital gains on $25/share even though much of that gain is due to currency debasement i.e. inflation). All of these factors have created hardships if both spouses are not working. The government’s massive subsidies and other interventions in the health care, education, and financial markets have jacked up costs to the point where it’s difficult to survive outside of the system. The government created a massive bubble with its monetary policies that are wreaking havoc on family wealth.

Given all this, it’s hard for people to avoid the government net at some point. It’s hard to avoid an elephant that spends $4 trillion a year, especially if the majority of your income goes to fund its large appetite. Even principled people may have to swim to some extent in the elephant’s cesspool.

As regular readers know, I state often that nothing will change until the collapse brought about by the unavoidable, coming tsunami (this may not necessarily hit at once; it could be a wave that hits over an entire generation and causes the standards of living to fall dramatically). The reason to inform people of the “freedom” position is to hopefully influence what happens “on the other side,” after a currency crisis or some other spark that causes broken government promises. This is when people will be looking for answers.

Things can work out for the better after the tsunami. One reason the founding fathers hated paper money was because they experienced the ravages of it during the Revolutionary war. A similar thing occurred after the demise of the Civil War greenback. The post-Civil War era (up until the Progressive era came along and began dismantling it) was perhaps the most prosperous and soundest economic era in the nation’s history. The government was far less invasive then.

Things can also work out for the worse. Germany and Russia of the early 20th century come to mind. So does the corrupt French monarchy, which fell to the wickedness of revolutionary France, which in turn fell to the warmongering Napoleonic state that ended hundreds of thousands of lives.

Lew Rockwell believes that the best thing “average” people can do is spread the word with friends, family, and others you can influence. Help to create an informed minority (speaking of which, Ron Paul’s book End the Fed is now out).

My pastor reminds me on occasion that this is how it works with the Christian life too. Sprout where you’re planted.

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