The thing that lends credibility

I hate public education, but I love college football on fall Saturdays.

When I was at OSU, I think it’s fair to say that most of the bureaucrats aka. “educators” there hated the football program. “Here we are providing enlightenment to young minds and, alas, our public face is a most distasteful, crass game with young men smacking each other around.” Of course, a cash cow isn’t going anywhere with the brass.

I suspect that professors seethe about the football program to this day. If so, it’s a feather in the football program’s cap.

Still, while we all have to swim in the cesspool of an intrusive state that is hard to bypass, I wonder sometimes how many people would be outright hostile to universities if it weren’t for college football (and basketball). College sports advertise to conservatives almost as effectively as the military. Sean Hannity, who is on the radio when I drive home, rails about federal spending and then in the next breath is upset at how Obama is gutting the military (which isn’t true, but what kind of sense does that make anyway?).

If it weren’t for the military, the endless wars, the Pledge, etc., more people would be wholly alienated from the predatory Federal government.

If it weren’t for college football, wouldn’t the image of universities be much worse? The military, college football… these are the things that lend credibility and warm feelings to the state.

Even though I fully support the elimination of all public education, I still watch the games and love them. I’m trying to stop buying the merchandise, though. Little steps.

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