Poor Jerry

If these allegations against Jerry Sandusky are true — and we need to remember how those Duke lacrosse players were falsely convicted by public opinion and cretins like Al Sharpton years ago — it is truly one of the most absurd stories I have ever heard. A guy is caught on two separate occasions sodomizing boys in the shower a decade or so ago, and yet he still has building privileges until earlier this month. If this happened, it is one huge case of institutional “FAIL” (cf. the Catholic priesthood).

And if it’s all true, well, poor Jerry Sandusky. The guy is just living out his lifestyle choice and he gets pilloried for it. Haters! Who made you judge? How about a little tolerance?

Actually, folks, we should be thankful that people still feel like vomiting when they think about some old dude manipulating a little boy into becoming his sex doll. I’ve long thought that normalizing man-boy “relationships” (only “consenting” ones, of course) is the next exit down the perversion highway now that men having oral and anal sex with other men is established as a mainstream lifestyle that must be affirmed and never questioned (and don’t go calling it gross or disgusting either).

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