“It’s all over” – the power of establishments

Has anyone else noticed the latest drumbeat in the Republican presidential primary? All I’ve heard from the media for the last week or two is how it’s all over, Romney is sewing it up, Ron Paul can’t win the general election. What is obviously going on here is a Republican establishment that is alarmed at Ron Paul’s ongoing strength in Iowa. If they can’t head him off at the pass in Iowa, the drumbeat is aimed to create a headwind that will be extremely difficult to overcome in the ensuing states. The establishment want to stunt the momentum of a possible Ron Paul victory in Iowa. They are seeing to it that Romney will win.

I’m not saying that Ron Paul would otherwise win, as I think that is a long shot unless there is an economic collapse soon. It’s just an interesting case study in showing the power of the political establishment to change public opinion quickly. Even conservatives are falling in line behind Mitt “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose” Romney. They apparently prefer the U.S. empire and its endless wars.

I like Ron Paul and agree with nearly all of his positions. He’s the rare man of integrity in politics. However, he’s deficient as a communicator. I hope someone will come after him who will keep asking questions such as why the U.S. needs military bases in over 100 countries, why we as a country have killed way more foreigners in the last 10 years than any other country, why we are spending more on “defense” (“offense” is a more accurate term) than the rest of the world combined, etc.

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